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Take A Tattoo


In all its simplicity, this is how it works:

An airbrush tattoo is a temporary "tattoo" made with a pen syringe and compressed air.Spray tattooing is hygienic, safe, painless and quick to do.

The skin paint dries immediately on the surface of the skin and, depending on the skin type, lasts 7-14 days, and the tattoo can be removed at any time with baby care oil.

Take A Tattoo charge for the pre-arranged time, not the number of tattoos. About 2-4 m2 of space is needed for a couple of chairs, a table, airbrush tools and model boards. The operation also requires an electrical outlet. (If necessary, we bring an aggregate with us.) We bring hundreds of different stencils with us, the customer chooses his own tattoo and the colors used in it. On average, one tattoo takes about a minute and the end result is immediately dry.


It is also possible to implement your own design/image, we will be happy to tell you more.


Examples of our activities:

Promotional events, openings, fairs, festivals, concerts, sports events, bachelor parties, birthdays, etc.


Request a quote either by email or by calling.



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