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Welcome to our website!

Hello and welcome to our website.

First of all, congratulations on finding us! Our website is designed and managed in house and is old school looking and very-simple to navigate. We do not want a modern cookie cutter template site that utilizes the same iconography and artwork that make other people’s sites. We want personal, real, private cookie free, data gathering free and a non-committed environment. Where you can browse, look and contemplate without pressure or worry that we are using your data or IP numbers.

 Our mistakes in design are our own and we own them if we make them (we usually have a few here and there; We are human).

 We don’t have or use monetary expenditure to try to drive our product marketing. It would literally destroy what little is made profit wise.

 We are a small family business. A business that is possibly reminiscent of the past in many ways, being a hands-on family business that is trying very hard to remain relevant in today’s world. We are the quintessential “Penny Business”. Meaning individually our products are low in price and need volume for profit. Today’s world especially in work space rental and event meetings are over priced and require more money than we would make in many cases. We might end up working a festival for three days and be plus minus zero in monetary profit after rental is paid. In short, we would be nothing more than a service to the event organizers rather than renting a space to achieve monetary gain. The death of the penny business is not just geared towards renters of space but also in other areas as well. Insurance, taxes, ever increasing production costs, the usual suspects.

 So with introductions made I offer you a little bit of what it is we are.

Take A Tattoo, a family-driven business dedicated to temporary tattoos. We specialize in two exciting options: transfer image tattoos and spray tattoo events (Shop fronts, Parties, bars, night clubs, village fairs, festivals).


Transfer image tattoos are perfect for all ages, bringing joy without issues. They're both safe and hygienic.


Looking for something unique? You can even have your custom design transformed into a transfer image tattoo, whether it's your company's logo or a personalized slogan. Shops, organisations, sporting occasions.


But that's not all. We're here to bring your imaginative ideas to life, whether it's a fun marketing gimmick for your business or supporting a children's pinball league. Your creativity and ours know no bounds!


For your convenience, answers to common questions can be found on our FAQ page. If there's still a question mark hanging in the air, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to provide prompt answers.


And don't forget to explore our 'Deals' page to stay up-to-date with the latest offers, usually linked to special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, or Easter.


For more detailed information about our spray tattoos, please visit our 'Services' page.

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